Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

John Kingsbury

All expenses processed between April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017

Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
4/2/2017 to 4/3/2017WEAO ConferenceDirector of Business Development$29.00
4/3/2017 to 4/4/2017Chiefs MeetingDirector of Business Development$260.97
4/5/2017 to 4/6/2017WBA First Nation MeetingDirector of Business Development$190.91
4/10/2017 to 4/12/2017Chiefs MeetingDirector of Business Development$635.57
4/17/2017 to 4/20/2017Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$382.12
4/23/2017 to 4/26/2017Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$267.12
5/2/2017 to 5/3/2017Corporate & Business Development MeetingsDirector of Business Development$343.23
5/8/2017 to 5/9/2017OWWA ConferenceDirector of Business Development$422.63
5/10/2017 to 5/11/2017OMAA ConferenceDirector of Business Development$470.64
5/14/2017 to 5/15/2017Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$216.71
5/18/2017 to 5/18/2017Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$75.00
5/23/2017 to 5/24/2017Corporate MeetingDirector of Business Development$321.02
5/27/2017 to 5/27/2017Corporate MeetingDirector of Business Development$50.00
05/30/2017 to 05/31/2017Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$273.63
6/3/2017 to 6/3/2017Corporate & Business Development MeetingsDirector of Business Development$45.00
06/05/2017 to 06/07/2017AMONTario Seminar and Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$635.82
06/13/2017 to 06/15/2017First Nation Chiefs ConferenceDirector of Business Development$2,047.68
06/22/2017 to 06/22/2017Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$32.00
06/26/2017 to 06/28/2017Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$647.38