Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Detailed Expense Report

For:Jackie Muller, Business Development Manager
Purpose, But:OWWA Conference
Date, Date:5/9/2017 to 5/10/2017
Destination, Destination:Toronto to Niagara Falls
Expense Details:
Air Fare, Tarif aerien:$269.08
Other Transportation, Autre mode de transport:$35.36
Accommodation, Hebergement:$225.58
Hospitality, Accueil:$109.11
Meals, Repas:$45.00
Incidentals, Frais accessoires:
Total, Total:$684.13
Attendees, Participants:Jackie Muller (Lunch), Terry Bender (Lunch), Rick Albert (Lunch), Sonia Semanuik (Lunch), Indra Maharjan (Lunch)
Other Attendees, Autres participants:2 Clients
Additional Information, informations complémentaires: