Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Detailed Expense Report

For:Nevin McKeown, President & CEO
Purpose, But:Eastern Region Site Visits
Date, Date:05/22/2018 to 05/24/2018
Destination, Destination:Toronto to Rockland, Plantagenet, Almonte, Petawawa & Belleville
Expense Details:
Air Fare, Tarif aerien:
Other Transportation, Autre mode de transport:$43.03
Accommodation, Hebergement:$308.49
Hospitality, Accueil:$589.90
Meals, Repas:$165.00
Incidentals, Frais accessoires:
Total, Total:$1,106.42
Attendees, Participants:Nevin McKeown (Breakfast, Lunch x3, Dinner x3), Andy Trader (Breakfast, Lunch x2, Dinner x3),Stephane Barbarie(Dinner),Aimee Hennesssy (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner x3), Maurice Benoit (Breakfast, Lunch), Gillian White(Breakfast), Ashley Pilgrim (Dinner), Brad Sweet (Dinner), Vanessa Greatrix (Dinner), Robert LeBlanc (Dinner)
Other Attendees, Autres participants:
Additional Information, informations complémentaires:12 Clients