Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

All expenses processed between October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

Name, Nom:Position, Titre:Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
White, WayneOperational Training Consultant10/1/2010 to 10/1/2010Travel Exam packageOperational Training Consultant$270.00
Komulainen, IlmariEastern Regional Manager10/3/2010 to 10/22/2010Grievance Meeting in Toronto & OHSS Overview Course in TimminsEastern Regional Manager$743.58
White, WayneOperational Training Consultant10/4/2010 to 10/8/2010Travel for TrainingOperational Training Consultant$1,004.80
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor10/5/2010 to 10/7/2010SMC Mtg, COOP Action Gr. TestSenior Technical Advisor$430.50
Atkinson, DanVP of Finance & Corporate Services10/6/2010 to 10/8/2010Travel for Georgian Bay InterviewsVP of Finance & Corporate Services$233.76
Kind, RobinChief Executive Officer10/7/2010 to 10/7/2010Meeting with Deputy MOE Gail BeggsChief Executive Officer$10.00
Atkinson, DanVP of Finance & Corporate Services10/7/2010 to 10/7/2010Travel for Georgian Bay InterviewsVP of Finance & Corporate Services$34.96
Atkinson, DanVP of Finance & Corporate Services10/8/2010 to 10/8/2010Travel for Georgian Bay InterviewsVP of Finance & Corporate Services$22.50
Dupuis, RodneyDistribution & Collection Team Lead10/12/2010 to 10/14/2010Travel for Water Distribution, Scheduling, Pricing and OCWA ReportsDistribution & Collection Team Lead$296.63
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant10/12/2010 to 10/12/2010Trainers CourseOperational Training Consultant$44.15
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant10/13/2010 to 10/13/2010Mileage and parking for meeting in TorontoOperational Training Consultant$136.35
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair10/13/2010 to 10/13/2010Meeting with Deputy MOEBoard Chair$6.00
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair10/15/2010 to 10/15/2010Meeting with Premier's staff in South PeelBoard Chair$34.00
White, WayneOperational Training Consultant10/17/2010 to 10/22/2010Entry level operator trainingOperational Training Consultant$700.18
Dupuis, RodneyDistribution & Collection Team Lead10/17/2010 to 10/20/2010Travel for Iroquois Falls SwabbingDistribution & Collection Team Lead$746.80
Lee, LairdOperational Training Consultant10/18/2010 to 10/20/2010Travel for SDWQ in Vineland/NiagaraOperational Training Consultant$313.89
Kind, RobinChief Executive Officer10/19/2010 to 10/19/2010October Board Strategy SessionChief Executive Officer$27.25
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member10/19/2010 to 10/19/2010Board Strategy SessionBoard Member$144.80
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer10/19/2010 to 10/19/2010Attend Board Strategy SessionChief Executive Officer$152.40
Nicolini, GinoBoard Member10/19/2010 to 10/20/2010Board Strategy Session in Walkerton ON.Board Member$688.87
Lawson, DouglasBoard Member10/19/2010 to 10/19/2010Board Strategy SessionBoard Member$164.00
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor10/20/2010 to 10/22/2010AKRC Mediation & SMC MeetingSenior Technical Advisor$358.76
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair10/20/2010 to 10/20/2010OCWA Board Strategy Session and Meeting with new CEOBoard Chair$196.40
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer10/21/2010 to 10/21/2010Meeeting Regarding Agency ReviewChief Executive Officer$57.60
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair10/21/2010 to 10/21/2010Meeting with Rita Burak, Chair of the Board of Hydro OneBoard Chair$12.00
Kind, RobinChief Executive Officer10/22/2010 to 10/22/2010Meeting with Dave McCully OCWA Capital Projects Manager, MississaguaChief Executive Officer$125.00
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant10/24/2010 to 10/29/2010Entry Level Operator CourseOperational Training Consultant$725.66
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor10/24/2010 to 10/24/20102011 Budget ReviewSenior Technical Advisor$264.40
Dupuis, RodneyDistribution & Collection Team Lead10/25/2010 to 10/28/2010Travel for Water DistributionDistribution & Collection Team Lead$442.92
Komulainen, IlmariEastern Regional Manager10/25/2010 to 10/29/2010GP Update project in TorontoEastern Regional Manager$868.72
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor10/25/2010 to 10/25/2010Prep for RCM2 MtgSenior Technical Advisor$48.71
Kind, RobinChief Executive Officer10/27/2010 to 10/27/2010Meeting with clients and staff in Northern Ont.Chief Executive Officer$870.80
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant10/31/2010 to 11/6/2010Mileage, meals and accommodation for Entry Level Operator course in OttawaOperational Training Consultant$1,040.85
Lee, LairdOperational Training Consultant11/1/2010 to 11/5/2010Travel for training and ELO course in OttawaOperational Training Consultant$733.84
Komulainen, IlmariEastern Regional Manager11/2/2010 to 11/16/2010Meetings in Toronto & Disinfection Seminar in VaughanEastern Regional Manager$237.28
Dupuis, RodneyDistribution & Collection Team Lead11/7/2010 to 11/9/2010Travel for OCWA NEO, Monteith, North Bay Hub, Powassan SwabbingDistribution & Collection Team Lead$188.68
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant11/8/2010 to 11/8/2010Mileage, meals and parking for Trainer\\'s meeting in TorontoOperational Training Consultant$151.61
Lee, LairdOperational Training Consultant11/8/2010 to 11/8/2010Parking and meals for training meeting in TorontoOperational Training Consultant$34.29
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer11/11/2010 to 11/11/2010Flight Change fee to Accommodate Board MeetingChief Executive Officer$233.88
Lee, LairdOperational Training Consultant11/15/2010 to 11/19/2010Travel and ELO course in SudburyOperational Training Consultant$37.00
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer11/15/2010 to 11/15/2010Lunch with ClientChief Executive Officer$60.00
White, WayneOperational Training Consultant11/15/2010 to 11/17/2010SDWQ Training CourseOperational Training Consultant$326.58
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor11/15/2010 to 11/19/2010GP Update Meeting, OPS Budgest, AMOSS Technical, North Bay PropsalSenior Technical Advisor$741.27
Dupuis, RodneyDistribution & Collection Team Lead11/15/2010 to 11/17/2010Travel for Pic Mobert First Nations Leak DetectionDistribution & Collection Team Lead$198.62
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer11/16/2010 to 11/16/2010Cab Fare to Attend Metting with clientChief Executive Officer$9.00
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer11/18/2010 to 11/18/2010Lunch Meeting with ClientChief Executive Officer$52.21
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant11/19/2010 to 11/15/2010Mileage, parking, meals and accommodation for Entry Level Operator course in SudburyOperational Training Consultant$869.41
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer11/19/2010 to 11/19/2010Meeting with Region of Peel and LAWSS repChief Executive Officer$21.20
Atkinson, DanVP of Finance & Corporate Services11/19/2010 to 11/19/2010Meeting with Waterloo RegionVP of Finance & Corporate Services$11.92
White, WayneOperational Training Consultant11/21/2010 to 11/27/2010Entry level operator trainingOperational Training Consultant$1,144.58
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant11/21/2010 to 11/27/2010Mileage, meals and accommodation for Entry Level Operator course in HamiltonOperational Training Consultant$673.56
Komulainen, IlmariEastern Regional Manager11/21/2010 to 11/23/2010GP Update project in TorontoEastern Regional Manager$398.43
Dupuis, RodneyDistribution & Collection Team Lead11/22/2010 to 11/26/2010Travel for Water DistributionDistribution & Collection Team Lead$598.12
McLaren, ElizabethBoard Member11/22/2010 to 11/22/2010Meeting with OCWA CEO and Counsel Pre-OrientationBoard Member$6.00
Lee, LairdOperational Training Consultant11/23/2010 to 11/25/2010Travel and accommodation for Electrical Awareness training in Fort FrancesOperational Training Consultant$1,649.31
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor11/23/2010 to 11/24/2010SMC Mtg; Distribution Mtg; Prep for New Business TargetSenior Technical Advisor$336.05
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships11/24/2010 to 11/24/2010Eastern Managers MeetingVP of Strategic Partnerships$209.60
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member11/24/2010 to 11/24/2010Meeting with OCWA staff to review budget infoBoard Member$70.00
Atkinson, DanVP of Finance & Corporate Services11/25/2010 to 11/25/2010Eastern Region, Joint Manager & Admin. MeetingVP of Finance & Corporate Services$142.84
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer11/25/2010 to 11/25/2010Meeting with MinisterChief Executive Officer$12.00
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer11/26/2010 to 11/26/2010Meeting with LAWSS Reps and Staff Meetings with AMOSSChief Executive Officer$16.40
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor11/30/2010 to 11/30/2010Client Meeting, North Bay Proposal, RCM2Senior Technical Advisor$169.16
Dupuis, RodneyDistribution & Collection Team Lead11/30/2010 to 12/8/2010Travel for Water DistributionDistribution & Collection Team Lead$694.08
Komulainen, IlmariActing VP of Operations12/1/2010 to 12/1/2010Attend Georgian Bay Hub MeetingActing VP of Operations$3.95
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor12/1/2010 to 12/1/2010Client Meeting, North Bay Proposal, RCM2Senior Technical Advisor$149.16
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor12/2/2010 to 12/2/2010South Peel Asset Management RCM2Senior Technical Advisor$169.16
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer12/2/2010 to 12/2/2010Ontario Chamber of Commerce MeetingChief Executive Officer$9.00
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor12/3/2010 to 12/3/2010North Bay ProposalSenior Technical Advisor$9.31
Komulainen, IlmariActing VP of Operations12/6/2010 to 12/8/2010OCC & EMT Meetings in TorontoActing VP of Operations$429.67
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor12/7/2010 to 12/9/2010Meeting with IT and SMCSenior Technical Advisor$451.58
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships12/7/2010 to 12/7/2010Meeting with P3 Canada and Ernst YoungVP of Strategic Partnerships$556.51
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant12/7/2010 to 12/9/2010Mileage, parking, meals, faxing and accommodation for OHSS Training course in TorontoOperational Training Consultant$561.61
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships12/8/2010 to 12/8/2010Meeting with Peel corporate energyVP of Strategic Partnerships$11.20
McLaren, ElizabethBoard Member12/9/2010 to 12/9/2010Orientation Session at South PeelBoard Member$24.00
Komulainen, IlmariActing VP of Operations12/9/2010 to 12/9/2010Attend Board Orientation Meeting in Toronto, 1 Yonge St.Acting VP of Operations$162.02
Armstrong, AlanOperational Training Consultant12/12/2010 to 12/17/2010Mileage, meals and accommodation for Entry Level Operator course in TorontoOperational Training Consultant$933.55
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer12/13/2010 to 12/13/2010Briefing with Minister WilkinsonChief Executive Officer$15.00
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair12/13/2010 to 12/13/2010Meeting with OCWA CEOBoard Chair$12.00
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer12/14/2010 to 12/14/2010Breakfast Meeting with OPAChief Executive Officer$190.82
Lawson, DouglasBoard Member12/14/2010 to 12/14/2010ARMC MeetingBoard Member$20.00
McLaren, ElizabethBoard Member12/14/2010 to 12/14/2010OCWA ARMC MeetingBoard Member$3.00
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor12/14/2010 to 12/15/2010IT Management Meeting and Board MeetingSenior Technical Advisor$313.50
Komulainen, IlmariActing VP of Operations12/14/2010 to 12/15/2010Attend Board Orientation Meeting in Toronto, 1 Yonge St.Acting VP of Operations$173.02
Nicolini, GinoBoard Member12/14/2010 to 12/14/2010ARMC and Board MeetingsBoard Member$381.02
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair12/14/2010 to 12/14/2010Continatuion of ARMC MeetingBoard Chair$234.00
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member12/14/2010 to 12/14/2010OCWA ARMC MeetingBoard Member$264.06
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair12/15/2010 to 12/15/2010Meeting with Jane Pagel and ClientsBoard Chair$20.00
Nicolini, GinoBoard Member12/15/2010 to 12/15/2010Board meetingBoard Member$221.07
Lawson, DouglasBoard Member12/15/2010 to 12/15/2010Board of directors MeetingBoard Member$8.00
McLaren, ElizabethBoard Member12/15/2010 to 12/15/2010OCWA BoD MeetingBoard Member$6.00
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member12/15/2010 to 12/15/2010OCWA ARMC MeetingBoard Member$8.75
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer12/16/2010 to 12/16/2010Meeting with Staff and clients in PetawawaChief Executive Officer$58.40
Atkinson, DanVP of Finance & Corporate Services12/16/2010 to 12/16/2010Meeting with Jane Pagel in PetawawaVP of Finance & Corporate Services$552.82
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer12/16/2010 to 12/16/2010Staff-client meeting in PetawawaChief Executive Officer$443.24
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair12/20/2010 to 12/20/2010Meeting with Jane Pagel, Dan Labrecque Commissioner, Region of Peel, Mark Schiller, Director Region of PeelBoard Chair$12.00
Lee, LairdOperational Training Consultant12/20/2010 to 12/23/2010Travel for training meeting in TorontoOperational Training Consultant$887.27