Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

George Terry

All expenses processed between October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
10/5/2010 to 10/7/2010SMC Mtg, COOP Action Gr. TestSenior Technical Advisor$430.50
10/20/2010 to 10/22/2010AKRC Mediation & SMC MeetingSenior Technical Advisor$358.76
10/24/2010 to 10/24/20102011 Budget ReviewSenior Technical Advisor$264.40
10/25/2010 to 10/25/2010Prep for RCM2 MtgSenior Technical Advisor$48.71
11/15/2010 to 11/19/2010GP Update Meeting, OPS Budgest, AMOSS Technical, North Bay PropsalSenior Technical Advisor$741.27
11/23/2010 to 11/24/2010SMC Mtg; Distribution Mtg; Prep for New Business TargetSenior Technical Advisor$336.05
11/30/2010 to 11/30/2010Client Meeting, North Bay Proposal, RCM2Senior Technical Advisor$169.16
12/1/2010 to 12/1/2010Client Meeting, North Bay Proposal, RCM2Senior Technical Advisor$149.16
12/2/2010 to 12/2/2010South Peel Asset Management RCM2Senior Technical Advisor$169.16
12/3/2010 to 12/3/2010North Bay ProposalSenior Technical Advisor$9.31
12/7/2010 to 12/9/2010Meeting with IT and SMCSenior Technical Advisor$451.58
12/14/2010 to 12/15/2010IT Management Meeting and Board MeetingSenior Technical Advisor$313.50