Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

All expenses processed between April 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012

Name, Nom:Position, Titre:Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer4/2/2012 to 4/3/2012ICD DEP - Institute of Corporate Directors - Directors Education ProgramChief Executive Officer$35.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/2/2012 to 4/4/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$249.25
Ethier, MarcActing VP of Operations4/3/2012 to 4/4/2012Duties as Acting VP of OperationsActing VP of Operations$44.30
Ethier, MarcActing VP of Operations4/10/2012 to 4/11/2012Duties as Acting VP of OperationsActing VP of Operations$71.06
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/10/2012 to 4/11/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$130.84
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/11/2012 to 4/11/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$125.91
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/15/2012 to 4/19/2012Travel to Elliot Lake as Sales ManagerSales Manager$259.06
Travers, JodiHR Director4/16/2012 to 4/17/2012AWS Meeting to discuss OCWAHR Director$247.83
Mollard, BevVP of Operations4/18/2012 to 4/18/2012Simplification MeetingVP of Operations$100.00
Terry, GeorgeSenior Technical Advisor4/19/2012 to 4/19/2012Project Kick-Off Meeting: Neuros BlowersSenior Technical Advisor$1,365.32
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member4/20/2012 to 4/20/2012First Nations Committee meetingBoard Member$75.00
Mollard, BevVP of Operations4/21/2012 to 4/25/2012WEAO ConferenceVP of Operations$947.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/22/2012 to 4/23/2012Travel to WEAO ConferenceSales Manager$75.44
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair4/25/2012 to 4/25/2012Preparation Meeting with Jane PageBoard Chair$27.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/25/2012 to 4/27/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$264.01
Williams, GordonRegional Manager4/25/2012 to 4/27/2012OCC and RM MeetingsRegional Manager$1,395.71
Mollard, BevVP of Operations4/26/2012 to 4/26/2012OCCVP of Operations$247.92
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair4/27/2012 to 4/27/2012IT Task Force MeetingBoard Chair$27.00
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member4/27/2012 to 4/27/2012IT Task Force MeetingBoard Member$75.00
Pagel, JaneChief Executive Officer4/27/2012 to 4/27/2012OCWA Annual Review Meeting with Region of PeelChief Executive Officer$28.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/2/2012 to 5/2/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$161.09
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships5/2/2012 to 5/2/2012Meeting with Janet MacPhee re 360 InterviewVP of Strategic Partnerships$24.80
Travers, JodiHR Director5/2/2012 to 5/2/2012Interview for Senior Operations ManagerHR Director$132.32
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/6/2012 to 5/6/2012Travel to Niagara as Sales ManagerSales Manager$408.43
Williams, GordonRegional Manager5/7/2012 to 5/8/2012Pickle Lake Special Council MeetingRegional Manager$361.98
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships5/7/2012 to 5/8/2012Attending OWWA ConferenceVP of Strategic Partnerships$368.45
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/7/2012 to 5/7/2012Preparation Meeting with Jane PageBoard Chair$27.00
Symondson, BrianRegional Manager5/9/2012 to 5/11/2012Meeting with CAORegional Manager$112.50
Mollard, BevVP of Operations5/9/2012 to 5/10/2012OHSS TrainingVP of Operations$219.99
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/9/2012 to 5/10/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$206.17
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/10/2012 to 5/10/2012Conference Board of Canada SessionBoard Chair$370.00
Williams, GordonRegional Manager5/13/2012 to 5/13/2012Sr. Operations Manager Interviews and Business Transformation Strategy MeetingRegional Manager$1,095.52
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships5/14/2012 to 5/14/2012OCE Discovery conference & GANGA River WorkshopVP of Strategic Partnerships$78.00
Mollard, BevVP of Operations5/14/2012 to 5/15/2012Business TransformationVP of Operations$493.39
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/14/2012 to 5/16/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$311.65
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/14/2012 to 5/14/2012VP Interviews & Minister MeetingBoard Chair$6.00
Symondson, BrianRegional Manager5/15/2012 to 5/24/2012Electrician Interview and business transformation MeetingsRegional Manager$712.98
Mollard, BevVP of Operations5/16/2012 to 5/16/2012Essex West Hub SupportVP of Operations$28.00
Travers, JodiHR Director5/17/2012 to 5/18/2012Interviews in LondonHR Director$17.31
Mollard, BevVP of Operations5/21/2012 to 5/22/2012AM MeetingVP of Operations$263.82
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/22/2012 to 5/22/2012VP InterviewsBoard Chair$22.50
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member5/23/2012 to 5/23/2012Board Strategy MeetingBoard Member$47.69
Leitch, ArtBoard Member5/23/2012 to 5/23/2012Board Strategy SessionBoard Member$45.00
Nicolini, GinoBoard Member5/23/2012 to 5/25/2012GNC, CORM and AFC MeetingsBoard Member$832.26
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/23/2012 to 5/23/2012Board Strategy SessionBoard Chair$27.00
Leitch, ArtBoard Member5/24/2012 to 5/24/2012GNC, CORM and AFC MeetingsBoard Member$45.00
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/24/2012 to 5/24/2012GNC, CORM & AFC MeetingBoard Chair$27.00
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member5/24/2012 to 5/24/2012Audit & Finance Committee MeetingBoard Member$26.96
Fletcher, SusanBoard Member5/25/2012 to 5/25/2012Board MeetingBoard Member$52.69
Leitch, ArtBoard Member5/25/2012 to 5/25/2012Board MeetingBoard Member$50.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/25/2012 to 5/25/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$427.88
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/25/2012 to 5/25/2012Board MeetingBoard Chair$27.00
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/27/2012 to 5/27/2012Chairs ForumBoard Chair$24.50
Williams, GordonRegional Manager5/28/2012 to 5/31/2012Leadership ConferenceRegional Manager$965.71
Travers, JodiHR Director5/29/2012 to 5/31/2012Leadership ConferenceHR Director$77.60
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/29/2012 to 6/1/2012Simplification meeting/Leadership SessionSales Manager$39.46
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair5/30/2012 to 5/30/2012Leadership ConferenceBoard Chair$84.00
Kind, RobinGeneral Counsel5/31/2012 to 5/31/2012To Attend Leadership Conference 2012General Counsel$30.00
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair6/1/2012 to 6/1/2012VP Interviews and Peel VisitBoard Chair$50.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/4/2012 to 6/4/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$132.28
Travers, JodiHR Director6/5/2012 to 6/5/2012Hub MeetingHR Director$184.48
Kind, RobinGeneral Counsel6/5/2012 to 6/5/2012Attend Meeting at Alfred HubGeneral Counsel$1,137.78
Garrett, MichaelBoard Chair6/6/2012 to 6/6/2012Meeting with Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister EvansBoard Chair$30.00
Mollard, BevVP of Operations6/12/2012 to 6/12/2012Compliance MeetingVP of Operations$3.74
Symondson, BrianRegional Manager6/12/2012 to 6/14/2012Regular Duties as Regional ManagerRegional Manager$582.66
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/12/2012 to 6/13/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$194.89
Mollard, BevVP of Operations6/13/2012 to 6/13/2012Global Medic Charity GolfVP of Operations$129.95
Mollard, BevVP of Operations6/14/2012 to 6/14/2012Corporate Office - EMT MeetingVP of Operations$271.52
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/17/2012 to 6/21/2012Travel to Various Locations as Sales ManagerSales Manager$1,276.24
Symondson, BrianRegional Manager6/18/2012 to 6/21/2012Regular Duties as Regional ManagerRegional Manager$313.60
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships6/19/2012 to 6/22/2012NWO Trip - Visiting the hubsVP of Strategic Partnerships$2,142.97
Symondson, BrianRegional Manager6/25/2012 to 6/29/2012Regular Duties as Regional ManagerRegional Manager$871.21
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/25/2012 to 6/29/2012Travel to Toronto as Sales ManagerSales Manager$595.59
Mollard, BevVP of Operations6/25/2012 to 6/25/2012Corporate Office - Compliance MeetingVP of Operations$35.65
Reid, NickVP of Strategic Partnerships6/27/2012 to 6/29/2012Canadian Water SummitVP of Strategic Partnerships$1,419.48