Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

John Kingsbury

All expenses processed between January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014

Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
1/2/2014 to 1/2/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$61.25
1/4/2014 to 1/4/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$45.00
1/7/2014 to 1/9/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$340.70
1/9/2014 to 1/10/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$120.74
1/15/2014 to 1/16/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$133.65
1/16/2014 to 1/17/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$143.06
1/17/2014 to 1/17/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$14.97
1/22/2014 to 1/22/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$34.64
1/27/2014 to 1/29/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$267.34
2/2/2014 to 2/5/2014AFN ConferenceSales Manager$630.71
2/11/2014 to 2/12/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$156.24
2/18/2014 to 2/19/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$128.07
2/22/2014 to 2/26/2014Good Roads ConferenceSales Manager$1,150.83
2/24/2014 to 2/24/2014OGRA/ROMA ConferenceSales Manager$166.62
2/25/2014 to 2/25/2014OGRA/ROMA ConferenceSales Manager$877.38
3/2/2014 to 3/3/2014PDAC Mining ConferenceSales Manager$174.88
3/4/2014 to 3/4/2014First Nation ConferenceSales Manager$134.29
3/7/2014 to 3/7/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$22.50
3/10/2014 to 3/12/2014Sales MeetingSales Manager$299.98
3/18/2014 to 3/20/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$292.43
3/26/2014 to 3/27/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$290.64