Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

All expenses processed between April 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014

Name, Nom:Position, Titre:Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative04/01/2014 to 04/30/2014Site Support for Orangeville, Tansley,Wellesley, Conestoga and Cisco connects, Toronto MeetingOperations Technical Services Representative$202.52
Mollard, BevVP of Operations4/2/2014 to 4/2/2014Meeting at Huron ElginVP of Operations$29.69
Mollard, BevVP of Operations4/3/2014 to 4/3/2014Meeting with LAWSSVP of Operations$39.72
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/6/2014 to 4/8/2014WEAO ConferenceSales Manager$306.50
Mollard, BevVP of Operations4/6/2014 to 4/9/2014Attended WEAO Conference/OPS ChallengeVP of Operations$707.58
Jones, CliffVP of Sales and Marketing4/7/2014 to 4/8/2014Attended WEAO ConferenceVP of Sales and Marketing$398.87
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager04/07/2014 to 04/16/2014Travel to Toronto for CMC training and OCC meeting , Client meeting in Elliot LakeSenior Operations Manager$999.17
Jones, CliffVP of Sales and Marketing4/11/2014 to 4/11/2014Luncheon Meeting with VeritecVP of Sales and Marketing$20.23
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/14/2014 to 4/15/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$145.47
Jones, CliffVP of Sales and Marketing4/22/2014 to 4/22/2014Meeting with Walker EnvironmentVP of Sales and Marketing$9.22
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/23/2014 to 4/25/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$352.18
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager04/26/2014 to 05/13/2014Talent Mgmt meeting, FONEM, EUM TrainingSenior Operations Manager$156.94
Jones, CliffVP of Sales and Marketing4/28/2014 to 4/28/2014Board Strategy SessionVP of Sales and Marketing$5.48
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager4/28/2014 to 4/28/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$138.17
Travers, JodiDirector of Human Resources4/28/2014 to 4/29/2014Board Strategy SessionDirector of Human Resources$97.60
Jones, CliffVP of Sales and Marketing4/30/2014 to 4/30/2014Meeting with Consultant, PICAVP of Sales and Marketing$23.00
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative05/01/2014 to 05/30/2014Site Support for Stratford,Conectogo SCADA, Wasage Beach and Waterloo, Toronto MeetingOperations Technical Services Representative$118.12
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/3/2014 to 5/7/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$584.53
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/3/2014 to 5/6/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$63.71
Jones, CliffVP of Sales and Marketing5/4/2014 to 5/6/2014Attending OWWA ConferenceVP of Sales and Marketing$347.86
Travers, JodiDirector of Human Resources5/6/2014 to 5/6/2014InterviewsDirector of Human Resources$269.22
Mollard, BevVP of Operations5/6/2014 to 5/6/2014OWWA/OMWA Annual Conference and Trade ShowVP of Operations$460.99
Travers, JodiDirector of Human Resources5/9/2014 to 5/9/2014Meeting with ClientDirector of Human Resources$93.60
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative05/11/2014 to 05/14/2014OCWA Jets Team, WEA Conference,New JerseyOperations Technical Services Representative$746.08
Jones, CliffVP of Sales and Marketing5/12/2014 to 5/12/2014Attending Anaergia MeetingVP of Sales and Marketing$3.69
Williams, GordonRegional Manager5/12/2014 to 5/15/2014Business process work session 6 procurementRegional Manager$1,246.32
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/13/2014 to 5/14/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$183.74
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/21/2014 to 5/22/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$144.03
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager5/26/2014 to 5/28/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$144.13
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative06/01/2014 to 06/13/2014Site Support for Espanola hub, Brantford, Elgin and Wasaga BeachOperations Technical Services Representative$1,057.21
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/2/2014 to 6/3/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$99.43
Williams, GordonRegional Manager6/03/2014 to 6/05/2014Leadership ConferenceRegional Manager$978.35
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager06/05/2014 to 06/26/2014Travel to Toronto for First Nations and Compliance training , Client meetingSenior Operations Manager$351.23
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/9/2014 to 6/10/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$217.16
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/12/2014 to 6/13/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$168.85
Williams, GordonRegional Manager6/16/2014 to 6/17/2014OCC meetingRegional Manager$885.81
Williams, GordonRegional Manager6/17/2014 to 6/20/2014Saugeen shores Client meetingRegional Manager$1,088.34
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative06/18/2014 to 06/27/2014Site Support for Elgin and Southampton, Erin Mills and Waterloo meetingsOperations Technical Services Representative$276.06
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/19/2014 to 6/19/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$67.02
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/22/2014 to 6/26/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$475.90
Williams, GordonRegional Manager6/23/2014 to 6/23/2014Terrace Bay Client meetingRegional Manager$11.25
Williams, GordonRegional Manager6/24/2014 to 6/27/2014N.W.O. Hub visit; Interviews; Greenstone Client meetingRegional Manager$442.41
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager6/29/2014 to 6/29/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$56.01