Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

All expenses processed between July 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014

Name, Nom:Position, Titre:Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
Andrews, RobChief Executive Officer7/2/2014 to 7/2/2014Financial Meeting at Corporate OfficeChief Executive Officer$76.20
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/2/2014 to 7/2/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$235.99
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative07/03/2014 to 07/31/2014Site Support for Brantford,London Office,Erin Mills,Cambridge,Stratford,Southampton and Lake HuronOperations Technical Services Representative$374.25
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/3/2014 to 7/3/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$96.12
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/6/2014 to 7/6/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$63.02
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/9/2014 to 7/10/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$375.84
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/13/2014 to 7/13/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$65.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/14/2014 to 7/15/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$218.17
Williams, GordonRegional Manager7/14/2014 to 7/17/2014N.W.O. Hub visitRegional Manager$386.78
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager07/14/2014 to 07/30/2014OTEP BusinessSenior Operations Manager$1,400.12
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/20/2014 to 7/22/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$351.73
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/24/2014 to 7/25/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$231.12
Williams, GordonRegional Manager7/29/2014 to 8/01/2014N.W.O. Hub visitRegional Manager$434.91
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager7/30/2014 to 7/31/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$373.60
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative08/05/2014 to 08/20/2014Site Support for London Office,Hespleer,Lake Huron and Espanola, Belville meetingOperations Technical Services Representative$820.22
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager8/6/2014 to 8/8/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$338.86
Williams, GordonRegional Manager8/07/2014 to 8/08/2014Meeting with Municipality of MachinRegional Manager$161.21
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager08/11/2014 to 08/12/2014New business and Sudbury bio-solids meetingSenior Operations Manager$193.92
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager08/12/2014 to 08/14/2014Travel to Toronto For OTEP meetingsSenior Operations Manager$448.10
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager8/13/2014 to 8/14/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$239.84
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager8/16/2014 to 8/19/2014Public Works Conference / AMO Conference and Sales MeetingsSales Manager$556.45
Williams, GordonRegional Manager8/17/2014 to 8/20/2014N.W.O. Hub ManagementRegional Manager$433.99
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager08/19/2014 to 08/21/2014Travel to Toronto For OTEP meetingsSenior Operations Manager$855.46
Andrews, RobChief Executive Officer8/20/2014 to 8/20/20142014 APWA Congress Golf TournamentChief Executive Officer$16.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager8/21/2014 to 8/22/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$177.00
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager08/24/2014 to 08/26/2014Travel to Toronto For OTEP meetings and SAG ConferenceSenior Operations Manager$738.55
Williams, GordonRegional Manager8/25/2014 to 8/27/2014Fraud Risk Assessment WorkshopRegional Manager$1,117.26
Williams, GordonRegional Manager9/02/2014 to 9/04/2014OCC and RM MeetingsRegional Manager$1,091.52
Nicol, ThomasOperations Technical Services Representative09/02/2014 to 09/25/2014Site Support for Ailsa Craig, Wyoming, Brantford and Erin Mills, Toronto Meeting, Peel Lamb Building rewire patchOperations Technical Services Representative$146.07
Andrews, RobChief Executive Officer9/3/2014 to 9/3/2014Quarterly Meeting with the Region of PeelChief Executive Officer$28.80
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager9/7/2014 to 9/11/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$486.98
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager9/8/2014 to 9/8/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$11.25
Phippen, JimSenior Operations Manager09/09/2014 to 09/11/2014Travel to Toronto For OTEP meetingsSenior Operations Manager$493.81
Andrews, RobChief Executive Officer9/9/2014 to 9/9/20148th Annual South Peel Golf TournamentChief Executive Officer$19.76
Williams, GordonRegional Manager9/14/2014 to 9/19/2014WISKI 7 Training and N.W.O. Hub Senior Operations ManagementRegional Manager$632.82
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager9/15/2014 to 9/17/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$61.00
Andrews, RobChief Executive Officer9/15/2014 to 9/15/2014City of Kawartha, Council ChambersChief Executive Officer$140.95
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager9/19/2014 to 9/24/2014Sales MeetingsSales Manager$234.17
Andrews, RobChief Executive Officer9/19/2014 to 9/19/2014HELP Event at the Elgin WTPChief Executive Officer$164.00
Kingsbury, JohnSales Manager9/28/2014 to 10/2/2014WEFTEC ConferenceSales Manager$1,775.67
Andrews, RobChief Executive Officer9/29/2014 to 9/30/2014WEFTEC ConferenceChief Executive Officer$1,632.75