Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

John Kingsbury

All expenses processed between October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016

Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
10/13/2016 to 10/17/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$165.08
10/17/2016 to 10/19/2016OFNTSC ConferenceDirector of Business Development$364.71
10/19/2016 to 10/20/2016Northwest W/WW ConferenceDirector of Business Development$990.58
10/20/2016 to 10/20/2016Meeting in KingstonDirector of Business Development$45.45
11/01/2016 to 11/03/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$339.61
11/07/2016 to 11/07/2016Meeting in BarrieDirector of Business Development$119.78
11/08/2016 to 11/08/2016Meeting in LondonDirector of Business Development$138.65
11/10/2016 to 11/11/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$213.37
11/13/2016 to 11/14/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$174.79
11/16/2016 to 11/16/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$45.74
11/22/2016 to 11/23/2016Meetings in Kingston and SudburyDirector of Business Development$129.82
11/28/2016 to 11/28/2016Meetings in Kingston and TorontoDirector of Business Development$229.43
12/01/2016 to 12/02/2016West Ont. Municipal ConferenceDirector of Business Development$202.44
12/06/2016 to 12/07/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$160.71
12/12/2016 to 12/15/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$642.01
12/20/2016 to 12/20/2016Corporate MeetingsDirector of Business Development$30.30