Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

All expenses processed between April 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023

Name, Nom:Position, Titre:Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
Pennachetti, JosephBoard Chair04/04/2023 to 04/05/2023Board MeetingBoard Chair$489.37
Dattani, NikeBoard Member04/04/2023 to 04/05/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$365.49
Muylwyk, QuirienBoard Member04/05/2023 to 04/05/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$28.48
Farag, JoeBoard Member04/05/2023 to 04/05/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$97.12
Watt, MichaelBoard Member04/05/2023 to 04/06/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$344.73
Zamojc, MitchellBoard Member04/05/2023 to 04/05/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$32.40
Dattani, NikeBoard Member04/12/2023 to 04/13/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$367.24
Watt, MichaelBoard Member04/13/2023 to 04/13/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$77.36
Austin, RichardBoard Member04/13/2023 to 04/13/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$32.40
Zamojc, MitchellBoard Member04/13/2023 to 04/13/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$24.40
Pennachetti, JosephBoard Chair04/13/2023 to 04/13/2023Board MeetingBoard Chair$156.00
Korolnek, DebbieBoard Member04/13/2023 to 04/13/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$179.20
Bender, TerryVP of Operations04/17/2023 to 04/17/2023ROMA Trade ShowVP of Operations$28.85
Bender, TerryVP of Operations04/18/2023 to 04/18/2023WEAO ConferenceVP of Operations$151.69
Bender, TerryVP of Operations04/26/2023 to 04/28/2023NOMA ConferenceVP of Operations$1,571.74
Chawla, SavitriVP of Information & Information Technology05/17/2023 to 05/18/2023Elgin WTP Site visit and Client MeetingVP of Information & Information Technology$231.65
Bender, TerryVP of Operations05/17/2023 to 05/18/2023RWS Elgin WTP Client TourVP of Operations$242.95
Drew, CourtneyVice President, Human Resources05/17/2023 to 05/18/2023Elgin WTP Site visit and Client MeetingVice President, Human Resources$294.15
Fraser, AliciaPresident & CEO05/17/2023 to 05/18/2023Elgin WTP Site visitPresident & CEO$254.25
Bender, TerryVP of Operations06/06/2023 to 06/09/2023CWWA Board meeting and Water SumitVP of Operations$1,846.24
Fraser, AliciaPresident & CEO06/12/2023 to 06/12/2023AWWA ACE ConferencePresident & CEO$58.04
Fraser, AliciaPresident & CEO06/13/2023 to 06/13/2023AWWA ACE ConferencePresident & CEO$805.35
Austin, RichardBoard Member06/14/2023 to 06/16/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$723.60
Muylwyk, QuirienBoard Member06/14/2023 to 06/15/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$431.90
Dattani, NikeBoard Member06/14/2023 to 06/16/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$644.76
Watt, MichaelBoard Member06/14/2023 to 06/16/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$718.00
Pennachetti, JosephBoard Chair06/14/2023 to 06/16/2023Board MeetingBoard Chair$849.20
Farag, JoeBoard Member06/14/2023 to 06/16/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$751.60
Korolnek, DebbieBoard Member06/14/2023 to 06/16/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$1,077.30
Li, Hao (Artie)Board Member06/14/2023 to 06/16/2023Board MeetingBoard Member$703.20