Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses


Position, Titre:Name, Nom:
VP, Finance and Corporate ServicesAtkinson, Dan
VP of Strategic PartnershipsReid, Nick
VP of Sales and MarketingJones, Cliff
VP of Operations/Regional Manager South PeelMcKeown, Nevin
VP of OperationsFraser, Alicia
VP of OperationsNardi, Jim
VP of OperationsBender, Terry
VP of OperationsJunkin, Richard
VP of OperationsMollard, Bev
VP of IT and IT Business SolutionsQureshi, Mohammad
VP of Information and Information TechnologyChawla, Savitri
VP of Information & Information TechnologyChawla, Savitri
VP of Finance and Corporate ServicesRooplal, Prem
VP of Finance & Corporate ServicesAtkinson, Dan
Vice President, Human ResourcesDrew, Courtney
Vice President of Engineering, Capital and Support ServicesFraser, Alicia
Senior Technical AdvisorTerry, George
Senior Operations ManagerPhippen, Jim
Sales ManagerKingsbury, John
Regional ManagerSt. Pierre, Jeff
Regional ManagerSymondson, Brian
Regional ManagerWilliams, Gordon
Regional Administrative CoordinatorMoffatt, Kimberley
Program ManagerMaharjan, Indra
President and CEOAndrews, Rob
President & CEOMcKeown, Nevin
President & CEOAndrews, Rob
President & CEOMcKeown, Nevin
Operations Technical Services RepresentativeNicol, Thomas
Operational Training ConsultantArmstrong, Alan
Operational Training ConsultantWhite, Wayne
Operational Training ConsultantLee, Laird
Maintenance Systems SpecialistWright, Matthew
Hub Administrative AssistantKissner, Robin
HR DirectorTravers, Jodi
General Manager/Regional ManagerBender, Terry
General ManagerBender, Terry
General CounselKind, Robin
Executive VP and General CounselKind, Robin
Executive VP & General CounselKind, Robin
Eastern Regional ManagerKomulainen, Ilmari
Distribution & Collection Team LeadDupuis, Rodney
Director of Human ResourcesTravers, Jodi
Director of Human ResourcesGianino, Christine
Director of Business DevelopmentKingsbury, John
Chief Executive OfficerPagel, Jane
Chief Executive OfficerKind, Robin
Chief Executive OfficerAndrews, Rob
Business Development ManagerMuller, Jackie
Board Vice ChairBergsma, John
Board MemberLucas, Brenda
Board MemberBaxter, Debbie
Board MemberKorolnek, Debbie
Board MemberLeitch, Art
Board MemberOdendahl, Sandra
Board MemberLawson, Douglas
Board MemberThorne, Michael
Board MemberBergsma, John
Board MemberMcLaren, Elizabeth
Board MemberZamojc, Mitchell
Board MemberDogterom, Jonathan
Board MemberNicolini, Gino
Board MemberFletcher, Susan
Board MemberMergelas, Brian
Board MemberDebassige, Melanie
Board ChairPennachetti, Joseph
Board ChairGarrett, Michael
Acting VP of OperationsEdwards, David
Acting VP of OperationsEthier, Marc
Acting VP of OperationsKomulainen, Ilmari