Submitted by sandbox on August 11, 2016 - 1:55pm
  • Course duration – 2 days
  • Training hours issued – 14.0
  • This course is designed specifically for persons who have a general understanding of wastewater treatment, but are looking for a comprehensive advanced overview of various types of wastewater treatment systems.  It is recommended for officials such as MOECC Wastewater Inspectors, Ministry of Health Inspectors or Municipal Officials who have regulatory obligations but require an advanced understanding of the various treatment processes they may encounter.
  • This course will help participants develop a greater understanding of the purpose of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment methods used at wastewater treatment plants as well as biosolids management practices.  Various types of treatment processes such as Conventional Activated Sludge, Extended Aeration, SBR and RBC will also be explained. The course will cover the essentials of Facultative Waste Stabilization Lagoons and Wastewater Collection Systems.
  • This course is augmented with a physical tour of an advanced wastewater treatment facility as well as troubleshooting various problems at conventional activated sludge treatment plants using a sewage simulator and trying to resolve them

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