Submitted by sandbox on August 11, 2016 - 2:22pm

Chlorine Cylinder Repair (0.2 DA CEUs)

  • Review the properties of chlorine gas and list the personal protective equipment requirements needed when working with chlorine gas.  Participants will be able to use leak detection and gas detection equipment.

 Submersible Pump Maintenance (0.2 DA CEUs)

  • Discuss the difference in maintenance practices in wet pit pumps versus dry pit pumps.  Assemble a submersible pump and identify pump components.

Tightening your Belts (0.2 DA CEUs)

  • Review the causes of bearing failure and conduct belt alignment and tensioning assessments.

 UV Troubleshooting (0.2 DA CEUs)

  • Perform maintenance on a UV system, and review safety hazards.  Participants will be able to identify UV system components, disassemble and reassemble the UV reactor and properly clean UV optical surfaces.  

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