Submitted by sandbox on August 11, 2016 - 2:22pm

Basic Spills Management (0.2 DA CEUs)

  • Review the basic equipment in a spill kit and its purpose.  Participants will be able to use the equipment to clean a simulated chemical spill.

 Confined Space Entry (0.2 DA CEUs)

  • Set up rescue equipment and conduct the necessary inspection checks to ensure the proper operation of equipment and safe environment for the operators.

 Does this Look Infected? (0.2 DA CEUs)

  • Review the pathogens that can survive in an aqueous environment.  Operators may become exposed to these pathogens during maintenance or daily activities at treatment plants.  This session will review the methods and techniques to use to reduce the risk of infection.

 Work Area Protection Plan (0.2 DA CEUs) - May 24, 2018 (St. Thomas)

  • Review the requirement for Traffic Control at a sewer access point which is located on a municipal roadway.  Participants will be required to participate in a physical setup of the plan using provided road signs.

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