Submitted by sandbox on August 11, 2016 - 1:55pm
  • Course duration - 2 days
  • CE Credits Earned - 1.3
  • Training hours issued - 13.0
  • Collection systems are critical municipal networks that direct the effluent of industry, the fats/greases/and oils of restaurants, the flushing and draining of homes, and in some locations, the rains of enormous storms to our wastewater plants for treatment and eventual safe release to the environment..
  • The challenges and complexities of a wastewater collection system are immense. Occasionally, objects are found wedged in a forcemain. This course is here to assist you in acquiring the knowledge and skills essential for assessing, operating, and maintaining a wastewater collection system. Designed for people new to wastewater collection, it reviews basic hydraulics and the equipment and materials used in a wastewater collection system. It’s also a great prep course for operators writing their OIT or Level 1 exams.

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