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A combination of self-study with support by an instructor through e-mail, video or classroom teaching

1. All About Solids

Learn about solids test commonly conducted at wastewater treatment facilities, through online videos, quizzes and practical activities.

2. Math Workshop

Distance learning program that reviews basic mathematic principles.

3. OIT Exam Prep

One-on one program that assist participants prepare for OIT exams.

4. Expanded Fundamentals of Water Treatment

Learn about water treatment methods and technologies, and obtain a better understanding of the inactivation and removal of pathogens.

5. Water Distribution Prep Class 1-2

This is a take home course, complete with sample questions and a general review of distribution system operations.

6. Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Operations

This course will help you prepare for your level 1 certification exam in the comfort of your own home.

7. Wastewater Treatment Prep. Level 1-2

Review treatment process, watch operational videos and complete sample questions.

8. Digester Gas Safety

Digester gas systems are operated under the Gas Code, learn all about the Code.

9. Introduction to Wastewater Collection

This course will help you prepare for your level 1 certification exam.