Submitted by sandbox on August 11, 2016 - 2:22pm

Bugs up Close (0.2 CEUs)

  • Learn how to use a compound microscope and to be able to prepare a wet mount slide.  Participants will then be able to list the various microorganisms found in mixed liquor and determine operational changes required to improve the treatment process.

 Laboratory Analysis of Wastewater (0.2 CEUs)

  • Perform sampling functions, microscope evaluation, Gravimetric, SVI tests as well as ammonia and phosphorous testing.

 Submersible Pump Maintenance (0.2 CEUs)

  • Assemble a submersible pump and identify pump components and demonstrate how to change the oil in a mechanical seal.

 The FOG (0.2 CEUs)

  • Discuss sources of fat, oil and grease in the collection system, wastewater treatment plant and customer plumbing.  Participants will be able to identify and demonstrate solid understanding of FOG issues and FOG management options.

 Wastewater Simulator (0.2 CEUs)

  • Using a simulator, participants will execute the troubleshooting procedures to use when a treatment facility is faced with a high flow event or a high BOD loading event.

 Wastewater Simulator – Part 2 (0.2 CEUs)

  • Simulate the impact on treatment process when process equipment is taken out of service.  Using a simulator, participants will be able to practice troubleshooting techniques and discuss the steps to take when reporting out of compliance issues to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). 

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