Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Terry Bender

All expenses processed between April 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013

Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
4/3/2013 to 4/3/2013OTEP MeetingGeneral Manager$292.20
4/4/2013 to 4/4/2013OrientationGeneral Manager$33.75
4/17/2013 to 4/17/2013Unchartered Water ConferenceGeneral Manager$1,578.04
4/18/2013 to 4/18/2013Const Meeting RWSGeneral Manager$22.50
4/23/2013 to 4/25/2013Huron ShutdownGeneral Manager$142.29
4/29/2013 to 5/1/2013OLRB HearingGeneral Manager$675.71
4/30/2013 to 4/30/2013Client Meeting-RWS Capital ManagementGeneral Manager$35.59
5/2/2013 to 5/2/2013Client MeetingGeneral Manager$18.48
5/5/2013 to 5/8/2013OWWA ClientGeneral Manager$753.72
5/14/2013 to 5/14/2013Quarterly Management MeetingGeneral Manager$81.76
5/22/2013 to 5/22/2013RWS Management Review QEMSGeneral Manager$38.78
5/24/2013 to 5/24/2013Shutdown MeetingGeneral Manager$54.87
5/27/2013 to 5/28/2013OCC MeetingGeneral Manager$460.73
5/29/2013 to 5/29/2013RWS Capital MeetingGeneral Manager$55.74
5/30/2013 to 5/30/2013RMF ReviewGeneral Manager$33.19
6/6/2013 to 6/6/2013Huron Elgin Board Mtg. City HallGeneral Manager$40.11
6/25/2013 to 6/25/2013Client MeetingGeneral Manager$83.10