OCWA launches 'I Don't Flush' Campaign 2017 in partnership with Clean Water Foundation

November 21, 2017

Fats, oils and grease mean big trouble for your pipes - and your wallet

I Don't Flush campaign warns against pouring "FOG" down the drain

TORONTONov. 20, 2017 /CNW/ - They're messy. They're smelly. And you probably want to get rid of them quickly after cooking a meal. But if they aren't disposed of properly, they can cause costly problems. They're fats, oils and grease also known as FOG.

Recognizing the need for public education on FOG disposal, the Ontario Clean Water Agency and the Clean Water Foundation – in conjunction with the Regional Municipality of YorkTown of LaSalle, Niagara Region, City of Barrie and Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury – have launched the I Don't Flush 2017 campaign.

If a FOG is poured down the drain, it eventually cools and hardens and can cause blockages in pipes and sewers. This can lead to basement flooding, sewage overflows into the environment and damage to municipal wastewater infrastructure that requires expensive repairs. Canadian municipalities spend more than $250 million a year removing garbage from sewer systems, according to the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group.

I Don't Flush 2017 offers simple advice to protect your pipes:

  • Know your FOG. Examples of FOG include meat fat, cooking oil, butter and margarine, dairy and sauces.
  • Cool it. Scrape it. Green bin it. After meals, allow FOG to cool and harden in pans, then scrape into the green bin. Alternatively, pour liquid FOG into containers like tin cans, then scrape into green bins once solidified.

For people living in municipalities that do not have green bins, FOG can be cooled and thrown in the trash.

I Don't Flush 2017 is the third phase of the I Don't Flush campaign, a public awareness program which began in 2014 to encourage people to properly dispose of household items rather than put them down the sink or toilet.

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