Utility Management Services

Intelligence-driven advisory services & emergency response capability provides optimization and security

The only way to provide safe and secure water to customers today is by applying the latest practices and technologies available in the industry. For years, we have implemented practices such as process and energy optimization as well as technologies such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Work Management Systems, and we continue to improve their effectiveness. Our practices and systems form the basis for operational intelligence to take full advantage of efficiency opportunities as well as recognizing and anticipating problems before they happen.

OCWA can provide the following utility management advisory services to help you respond to emergencies and apply the latest in utility improvement techniques:  

Emergency Response – There When You Can’t Wait

OCWA’s Emergency Management Systems integrate locally to ensure effective response to our clients in times of crisis or unusual weather events. Along with equipment for water and wastewater crises, our emergency response teams boast highly trained and specialized staff for quick mobilization.

Regulatory Advisory Navigates Complex Regulations

OCWA is your resource to help you prepare for changing regulations, train staff, develop reporting standards and meet all your regulatory obligations. With our history of pro-active monitoring and planning, OCWA has the methods and procedures to navigate the increasingly complex network of regulatory compliance.

Asset Management Advisory Gets the Most from your Asset Investments:

A full range of technical and advisory services is available to help extend the life of your water and wastewater system assets, leading to investment savings and the long-term sustainability of those assets. OCWA’s Asset Management specialists are available for asset management planning exercises, data collection, and the development of asset maintenance programs. OCWA also offers a hosted WMS/CMMS solution.

Process & Energy Advisory Saves Money & Reduces Carbon Footprint:

Realize savings and reduce your carbon footprint: OCWA’s process experts and certified energy engineers review and analyze system trends for process optimization and capital improvements. OCWA’s Pay-4-Performance (P4P) Energy Program, delivered through an agreement with the Independent Electricity System Operator, provides an innovative and exciting way to bring value to our clients by incentivizing energy projects that generate energy savings.

Automation (SCADA, WMS) for Efficient & Effective Operations

Our remote monitoring system allows for process optimization and data logging, process trending, remote alarming and optimization of staff time, which translates into reduced operating costs. Our IT department, in consultation with OCWA operations, has developed, tested and planned the rollout of our new suite of electronic tools. OCWA Tools Evolution Program (OTEP) includes several integrated technology systems such as Process Data Management system, SCADA and Computerized Maintenance Management System.

Innovative Technologies – Tapping into the Industry

OCWA is uniquely tapped into water industry research and innovation. We support the research, development and demonstration of new and innovative water and wastewater technologies and practices to find the right treatment solutions to match your facility’s needs.